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Founded on 21 December, 1994, Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy (Vladivostok) is a leading teaching, learning and research center for training of high-qualified specialists in Customs in the Russian Far East and Siberia. More than 100 teachers are involved in academic process. Of total number of academic teaching staff, 68 teachers have post graduate degree and (or) academic rank (71,6 %) including 12 holders of Doctor’s degree and/or rank of Professor. Structure Vladivostok Branch consists of four faculties (Faculty of Customs, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, and Faculty for Advanced Training); 14 chairs, 14 departments for research, teaching and academic affairs, social and educational work. Academics Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy offers full-time and part-time courses of study according to the basic general educational curricular on: -Specialist qualification programme in Customs; -Bachelor’s degree in Management; -Bachelor’s degree in Economics; -Bachelor’s degree in Law. -Master’s degree in Economics; -Master’s degree in Finance Management; Advanced Training Programmes are also offered. Simulation and adaptive automated training systems and other special software are widely used in training process. Teaching and laboratory facilities of the Branch comprises lecture halls and classrooms, computer and language laboratories, operating hall of Education Center for Situational Analysis, that makes it possible to confer on-line; multimedia classrooms; Academic and Research Center, Training Center for Customs Enforcement of Wildlife Preservation, Research Expert Center; Training Center for Customs Control of Fissionable and Radioactive Materials; radiometry laboratory, customs control equipment laboratory, inspection X-ray equipment laboratory, foodstuffs and consumer goods laboratory, forensic laboratory, sport gyms, library with Internet class and reading hall. Research work is of practical application and aimed at developing and systematizing knowledge relevant to customs and its adjacent fields. One of the priority actions of the Branch is partnership development, including with the academic institutions for Customs, members of the International Network of Customs Universities, in Pacific Rim countries. Social and Educational Work is aimed at developing and forming a citizen and patriot of high moral values and personal qualities, responsibility and competence, able to ensure the economic security of the state. There are following facilities fostering social and health way of life, students’ creativity and self-administration: -Youth Center; -Students’ Society for Research and Development; -Council of Students’ Society for Research and Development; -Council of Monitors; -Student Advisory Board; -Student Dormitory Advisory Board; -sports teams. The customs administrations of the Far East and Siberia as well as the Customs administrations of the North-West and South of Russia are staffed with high-qualified specialists in customs, economists and lawyers. Today, about a quarter of customs officials, working for the Far East Customs Administration, are graduates from Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy, which is more than half of the total number of graduates from Branch since its foundation. Information about the Academy is placed on the web-site: The main international activities of the Academy are: - personnel training for the CIS customs services; - interuniversity cooperation in exchange of trainers and students, and also realization of joint research projects; - organization and holding of international events (conferences, workshops, working meetings), reception of delegations and representatives from embassies and consulates; - cooperation with the foreign universities of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU); - cooperation with the World Customs Organization (WCO) within the framework of the Regional Training Center (RTC) activity. Students are trained in Russian at the Academy and its branches.


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