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Education in Russia for foreign citizens

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Why Russia?

Statistics can be trusted — the exact number is always clear.
4 379 000

of students studying in universities

221 500

students from all over the world

2 000 000

students on a budget

More 798

Institutions of higher education

13 / 500

included in the TOP 500 universities of the world

320 000


Each student can choose one or several from hundreds of interesting training programs, find new friends and get a sea of positive emotions - let this path begin in the universities of Russia!

Choose a program of study

Information about studying in Russia

The Russian universities offer several options for studying. This could be a full-time education - All classes are held at the university in the afternoon with the personal presence of students. There is Part time education - Classes are held in the evening on weekdays and during the day on weekends. Also there is another type of education “Distance education” - students attend the introductory lecture course, after which they study at home on a specially developed program, and after that, they come to the university to pass tests and exams.

Higher education levels are also different: you can study for Bachelor, specialist degrees, master, post-graduate program, vocational retraining and advanced training programs, and also come to study Russian language.

Tuition Fees and the quality of education in Russia

Study in the Russian universities is much cheaper than the universities of the US, Canada or the UK, and regarding to the level of studying, leading Russian universities are decent competitors with the western educational organizations.

Tuition Fees in the Russian universities for the full-time programs starts from 1100$, depending on the specialty (according to the norms established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia).

The maximum cost in the most prestigious metropolitan universities in the country about 8800$, according to the rating of the agency "Expert".

If you choose universities that are not located in Moscow or St. Petersburg, tuition Fees and accommodation will be cheaper, because the price level in the regions is much lower than the price in the capital. (For more information about tuition fees, you can find on the websites of universities) Or you can get the full price list after registering on the website: RUSTUDENT.ORG


Prices in Russia are reasonable enough for foreign students – Down fall of the ruble in relation to world currencies goes in their favor. The price levels can be different for different cities and regions, therefore it is necessary to pay attention that the most "expensive" of the city is the Moscow and St. Petersburg. The student needs an average of about $ 350 a month for normal life in Russia. For the first time, but for the beginning, it is desirable to have a slightly larger amount to pay for the insurance, buy textbooks and arrange for new residence.


In order to study well, the student must be in a good health. The cost of VHI insurance policy depends on the region in which he will study and the volume of medical services provided. Currently, the VHI policy cost starts from 55 to 210$. And it is important that the insurance covers the entire period of study. Since 2016 year, VHI insurance policy for foreigners is required for a legal stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also to avoid fines (from 35 to 120$).

We recommend you to purchase the VHI insurance policy in advance on the website RUSTUDENT.ORG.



Students who come to study in Russia can get a dormitory at the university, and also rent a room or apartment. Depending on this, as well as the region and specific places in the city the prices will be different: starting from 260$ up to 700$ per month. You can always find affordable for you accommodations – as well as many universities help foreign students get comfortable conditions in the new country.


Living in Russia is no less safe than in any other developed country. But even in the quiet places, you should always remember about the basic precautionary measures that will save you from possible troubles. Outside the university, it is better to always have your passport, migration card and student ID. And do not be surprised if the police man asks you to show your documents. Such a measure is not directed against you, but they are important to ensure your own safety. Sure everyone knows that, terrorism is one of the major threats to the modern world. Russia successfully fights against its manifestations, focusing on the security of its citizens and visitors, so do not panic when someone will ask you to show your documents - its a common practice to prevent crimes. Keep emergency numbers always near to you, and in case of any danger, immediately ask for a help.


Russian mobile providers offer different affordable packages, and consultants in the communication offices will assist to choose the most suitable for you package. The number of conversation hours, SMS, Internet gigabytes and some other parameters will depend on the price of packages, on average it will cost 10$ per month. It also should be considered that, in order to purchase a SIM card, you need to have a national passport (with registration by place of residence) and migration card. The Internet can be both paid and free (Wi Fi); the last option is typical for dormitories. To connect the internet in rentable apartments, you will have to pay separately an additional fee about 50-10$ per month.


Each student can choose leisure at his discretion. Entrance into the entertainment or dance clubs free and customers usually order cocktails or snacks. Such an active weekend can cost about 30$. There are also more quiet options: movies theaters, theaters and museums. Many of them are cooperating with universities, offering a discount or free pass for students, who will show his student ID. Going to cinemas will cost an average of 5$. On a lot of interesting and unique events the entrance is free and you can always enjoy your time.


Fast moving around the city is an important factor if you are unable to find accommodations near to your university, as well as if you just want to have a walk. In Moscow and St. Petersburg transport pass is high enough: prices starts from 1$ /ticket, while in other regions the price of tickets may be 0.35-0.40$. For students there are special discounted travel cards, with their help they can save a lot of money.


For comfortable conditions for the student in Russia, he will need approximately 100$ per month to spend on food. Of course, this is an average figure and prices can be different more or less, depending on region, food price and quantity. Prices in fast-foods and canteens at universities are lower than prices in restaurants or cafes starting from 2-3$ for snacks to 10$ for main dishes.

Use additional services

In addition to providing services to enter the university, our company can assist you with the solution of organizational issues, thanks to which the arrival and residence in Russia will be for you as comfortable as possible. Please read the information below to prepare for the trip.

Insurance policy VHI

Service fee for your country: for chosen package

Among the mandatory documents for staying, living and working in Russia, not the last place is occupied by the policy of voluntary medical insurance, or otherwise medical insurance.

And according to the law, if the foreign citizens medical policy is missing or lost, and the application for its loss has not been submitted, then he is administratively liable.

The registration of the policy is fast enough, and its cost is several times lower than the penalties established in Russia.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that all foreigners immediately have to get the medical insurance.

Recognition of documents

All Russian state universities conduct an expertise of the educational documents presented by the applicant.

Research universities have the right to conduct such an examination on their own, the rest - through the federal agency "Rosobrnadzor".

If documents from your country are not recognized in Russia, it will be necessary to pass the procedure of Recognition of Education Documents –

Without the recognition of the educational documents that give the right to study at the next level (for example, the recognition of a school certificate for studying at a bachelors degree), you will not be able to obtain a diploma.