I. Registration


Register on our website

It will take you a few minutes

After registration, you will get access to personal profile, where you will need to enter all the necessary information about yourself, which in future will be considered by the Universities. On our website you can find information about Universities and their educational programs, as well as apply for studying in spite of you are individuals or legal entities.

You can get in touch with our consultants or our agents in your countries, who will acquaint you with the educational programs and conditions of study in the suitable for you Universities, explain the nuances and features of each choice answer questions and help you choose the right university, based on your competencies and preferences.


Choose an educational program and the University

Available only after registration

Using the built-in mechanisms search, you can select level of education (Bachelor, master, etc.), study direction (specialty), University, teaching language (where is available). Also on our website, you can find information about the universities.

You can get in touch with our consultants or our agents in your countries, who will acquaint you with the educational programs and conditions of study in the suitable for you Universities, explain the nuances and features of each choice answer questions and help you choose the right university, based on your competencies and preferences.

! Please note that in order to apply for admission to the russian universities, you must select at least one educational institutions and add them to your personal cabinet.


Fill out the application form to apply for studying

Available only after registration

When filling, you must specify: First name and Last name, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, country of residence and address, nationality, passport number, contact details of parents.

After that, you have to choose the level of completed education, proficiency in Russian and English languages, the desired level of education in Russia and the desired fildes of education.

II. Send application


Prepare the necessary documents

Available only after registration

You need to upload a personal photo, copy of passport, Certificate of Education and signed application form. After that, your profile is considered as complete, and you can submit an application in the desired university. More details on the documents required for entry and studying in the Russian Federation, you can get in the section "Required documents for University Admissions".


Send an application for review

Available only after registration

After you have prepared the necessary documents for admission to the university and uploaded all the files to your account, carefully check all the data, and then click on the button "Send an application".

Please note that after sending the documents, you will not be able to make any changes.


Wait for information on acceptance of documents

Available only after registration

After our moderation (if your profile is filled correctly and all documents meet the requirements), the application will be submitted for consideration by the University specialists. The results of consideration of the application that have been submitted, you can check in your personal account in the section "My Universities.

During the consideration process, if necessary, you may be asked to download additional documents (for example, about your achievements in studies, sports, etc.), submit additional information about yourself or answer some questions.

III. Admission


Pass the entrance exams

Available only after registration

If the selected program or the University requires additional testing, wait for an invitation to the test, which can take place in your country, online or after arriving to Russia (you will be informed). The Preparatory faculties do not require any entry testing. You can pass the entry exams online or live after arriving.


Pass the competitive selection

Available only after registration

Entrance exams and Unified State Exam

Applying to Russian universities on a general basis, applicants present the results of the Unified State Exam (EGE) or pass the entrance exams.

USE is an examination that all graduates of Russian schools pass. Its results are accepted when entering Russian universities. Foreign applicants can also pass the USE for admission to the university. All the necessary information can be found on the official website of the Unified State Exam.

In addition, universities conduct entrance tests in the form of written or oral examinations in subjects corresponding to the profile of the chosen specialty. Based on their results, the decision of admission will be made. Some universities povide separate entrance examinations for foreigners.


Dozens of olympiads of various levels are held annually in Russia and abroad. Winners and prize-winners of some of them can apply for admission to Russian universities without exams or on preferential terms. Foreigners can participate in international olympiads, in some all-Russian competitions, as well as in various associations of universities conducted specifically for them. How to take part in the Olympiads.


Many Russian universities individually or jointly conduct testing, according to the results of which talented foreign entrants are selected. To this end, representatives of universities go to different countries or send tasks for testing. Applicants, who showed the best results during the tests, can count on benefits when entering Russian universities.


Get confirmation from universities

If your chosen university approves your application, you can see the corresponding confirmation in the list of applications in your account. Also on your e-mail, specified at the registration, will be sent an alert about which universities and which specialties have agreed to you.

Do not rush results, as the reviewing procedure of applications by universities takes a long time. Each institution should check the documents you provide and process them accordingly.


Pay administration fee

After the university has approved your application and in your personal cabinet you see at least one university with the status "Accepted" - this means that you will be accurately accepted for studying in Russia

And to get the invitation and go to the university you must pay the cost of our services in advance.


Use additional services

Recognition of documents

All Russian state universities carry out examination of the documents on education submitted by the applicant.

Research universities have the right to carry out such examination independently, the others – through Federal Agency "Rosobrnadzor".

If documents from your country are not recognized in Russia, you must undergo the procedure nostrification (recognition) of documents

Without recognition of educational documents entitling you to study at the next level (for example, recognition of a school certificate for undergraduate studies), you will not be able to obtain a diploma.

Insurance policy VHI

Among the mandatory documents for staying, living and working in Russia, not the last place is occupied by the policy of voluntary medical insurance, or otherwise medical insurance.

And according to the law, if the foreign citizens medical policy is missing or lost, and the application for its loss has not been submitted, then he is administratively liable.

The registration of the policy is fast enough, and its cost is several times lower than the penalties established in Russia.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that all foreigners immediately have to get the medical insurance.

Transfer from airport

We can meet you at the airport in person or by a group of students. To do this, you must also fill out an application and send it along with a copy of the tickets 5-7 days before arrival.

Our specialists can speak several foreign languages, and also they have the skills of social adaptation and intercultural communication, so you can contact them on all the questions that you have.

Free SIM-card

To our clients we provide free SIM-cards upon arrival to Russia from Yota provider. You will be able to choose the appropriate tariff and the necessary package of options. SIM-card will be available immediately after activation, so you will have no difficulties to contact your relatives.

IV. Come to study


Get the invitation and apply for a visa

For countries with which Russia has a visa regime, you will need to obtain a study visa. The university that approved your application will issue and send you an invitation, on the basis of which you can get a visa and enter the country for testing or training.


Prepare medical certificates

When you arrive to Russia you will need originals or certified copies of medical certificates for submission of documents to the university for admission. You must pass all the necessary tests in advance.

You can see the list of medical certificates in your personal account in the "Documents" section. The following certificates are required:

  • Medical certificate form
  • Copy of certificate of absence of HIV


Buy air tickets and find accommodation

We recommend you in advance, after receiving an invitation from the university, to take care of your stay and flight. To do this, you can use one of the free services to buy air tickets, or contact our specialists for assistance. Accommodation you can choose through the service Airbnb, or find a rental housing in the region of destination.


Come to the university and study

After passing all the above procedures, you can buy a ticket and go to the place of study. If necessary, we will help you with tickets, insurance policy of VHI and transfers.

With instruction that is all!

We hope that you managed to cope with all the stages and you successfully entered the university. But if you have any questions about one of the stages, you can contact us by phone at +7 (495) 740-05-41 or email info@rustudent.net

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