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Rostov Branch of the Russian Customs Academy was founded in June 1995 by the Decree of the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation (Rostov-on-Don). Rostov Branch (hereinafter – Branch) carries out basic educational programs of the higher professional education in the following fields (specialties): - Undergraduate programs: “Jurisprudence”, “Economy”, “Management”. - Graduate programs: “Jurisprudence”, “Economy”. - Specialties programs: “Customs Business”, “Customs Business”, “Jurisprudence”, “Economics and Management (Customs)”, “World Economy”. Training is performed on the full-time and part-time courses at the expenses of the federal budget and contracts with payment of tuition. The Branch provides training for Customs authorities of CIS Member States in accordance with intergovernmental agreements. Students of the Branch receive basic training not only in the areas of knowledge such as Law, Economics, Management, Customs Business, but also in the field of modern Customs information technology. The structure of the Branch composes of: - four faculties: Economics, Law, Customs Business Faculty and Continuous Training Faculty; - 16 departments: Department of Customs Control Organization, Department of Commodities and Expertise in Customs Business, Department of Economic Theory, Department of Management and Economics of Customs Business, Department of International Economic Relations, Theory and History of State and Law, Department of Civil Disciplines, Department of Criminal Law, Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics, Department of Administrative and Customs Law, Department of Constitutional and International Law, Customs Business Department, Department of Customs Information Technologies and Computer Science, Department of Humanitarian Disciplines, Foreign Languages Department, Physical Training Department. Training is performed by specialists – practice workers of Customs institutions, professors, association professors and senior lecturers. The Branch has modern teaching and laboratory facilities for the use of innovative educational technologies. Much attention is paid to the technical equipment of laboratories, lecture rooms and specialized classes with modern interactive equipment and computer systems. Special classroom is equipped as a courtroom to conduct role-playing games. Students have access to various types of electronic educational resources directly from the computer labs, classrooms and reading room. Much attention is paid to the introduction of modern information technologies. Special Customs information system “CIS” is established. This system allows to get information about the rules of Customs control and the procedure of goods transportation across the Customs border of the Customs Union. Pedagogical staff and students of the Branch are engaged in the work of various scientific and practical conferences, congresses, seminars with a sufficiently broad range of issues and geography. There are many clubs and societies in the Branch, for example, scientific students’ society and Young Researchers’ School which intensifies students’ creative potential. The educational process with students is aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of personalities with wide outlook based on human values. This work also assists in the self-determination of life, civil and professional growth. Information about the Academy is placed on the web-site:


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